Fox Media is a creative agency based in Tallinn, Estonia. In other words, we are a company that spends its days creating artistic and engaging content for brands and businesses in order to make their online presence more visible and interesting.


Your clients choose you based on what they hear and see, Fox Media is ready to help you with that.


Whether it is your website development project, new photos to market your product, written content for those daily Instagram& Facebook posts, daily marketing assistance or even interesting&high quality videos (one video explains more than a thousand words, right?), we are never short of an idea or ten.


The beauty of working with a creative agency is, that you can do what you do the best (whether it is cooking, management, designing next great outfit, etc) and leave the rest to an agency who has passion and necessary skills (not even talking about the equipment) in order to show your brand& business really nicely.


P.S. Did you know that foxes have an incredible hearing? They can hear a watch trick from 40 yards away. So in Fox Media, we always hear and oversee the latest trends in order to ensure great online presence to our clients.